TCS Off Racing WCS League 1000$ Shoutout livery Guiseppe Saracino rFactor 2

Here is the WCSleague 1000$ Shoutout livery I designed for TCS Off Racing . This will be the #27 car driven by Guiseppe Saracino. I even made a custom helmet to top it off 😂 I hope you like it! Awesome practice to design an open wheeler again. One of the hidden gems in rFactor 2 even. Make sure to follow TCS Off Racing and folllow this season of WCS. This is going to be a pretty nice grid from the cars I've seen so far. breaklimit thef1life RFactor2 Studio 397 #livery #Photoshop #design #graphicdesign #racinglife Rainey Electronics Drive 4 IBD #ASK

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