TCS Off Racing Porsche GTE Studio 397 Le Mans 24h rFactor2

Here is the Porsche GTE I made for TCS Off Racing and updated for the official 24h of Le Mans on rFactor2. The back to the basics design together with the material system in rFactor 2 with for example metallic layers makes this a really nice livery in my opinion. Main focus for this paint was to get the sponsors in the right spots so they would all be visible on the live stream. This skin learned me where to strategically place the logos and how to make them stand out. Although logo placement has always been one of my better skills, I know I still have a lot to improve on. Liveries like these make me remember it's not all about really advanced shapes and ideas. Simplicity is important and I should not forget that when improving my skills in the future. Had a lot of fun making this. Make sure to follow TCS Off Racing to see how they did in the 24h of Le Mans!

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