TCS Off Racing GPVWC Supercup 2019 Livery rFactor2
This is the new livery I made for TCS Off Racing! I had a lot of help in the process and want to thank everyone for helping out! The design is meant to fix some problems I had with the GPVWC Supercup car model. For example the black line on the sharkfin now has the same angle as the halo. You can also see I added a logo on the inside of the rims. This looks awesome in motion and will be noticable on stream. I also added my trademark colors (orange for TCS logos and important stuff and white for the other stuff). This is the first TCS Off livery where I used black/gray. Just because I wanted to fix a few visual issues I had with this car. Now it is fixed it looks pretty good in my opinion. 

What could be improved? I would love to have more tips!

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